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APRIL 2017 online articles
President’s Desk

When it comes to your gear order, self-imposed limitations can become a creative advantage.

Legal Power

Lisa Wiegand, ASC reteams with longtime collaborators for the procedural- and courtroom-drama series Chicago Justice

Question of Faith

The tale of a mysterious cult, The Path has led cinematographer Yaron Orbach in dark, dramatic directions.

Personal Touch

Cinematographer Charlie Lieberman, ASC finds a new perspective for a unique character in the dramatic short Hux.

ASC Close-Up
Brief interviews with ASC members about their careers and inspirations. This month: ASC Close-Up


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The April print edition also includes:

• Preacher
: Between Heaven and Hell

Bill Pope, ASC and John Grillo help realize a bold adaptation of an audacious comic-book series.

•  Iron Fist: Street Fighter

Manuel Billeter grounds the action and embraces HDR with his latest work in the Marvel universe.

•  Six: At Home and at War

David Klein, ASC and Armando Salas delineate the personal and professional battles of SEAL Team Six.

Buddy ThunderStruck

• The Last Man on Earth

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