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Q and A with Bradford Young
Sundance 2015
Shaun the Sheep
Christmas Again
The Visit
ASC Close-Up

The cinematographers behind 5 Sundance standouts discuss their films.

Photos courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival and the filmmakers.


The Sundance Film Festival entries we selected for coverage this year illustrate how many ways there are to bring a story to the screen, but only hint at the variety of stories to be told.

In the realm of fiction, three urban tales caught our eye. Two transgender prostitutes in Hollywood create drama and comedy in Tangerine, shot on the iPhone 5S; a Christmas-tree vendor manning a lonely outpost in Brooklyn gets a shot at romance in Christmas, Again, shot on Super 16mm; and one of the world’s most famous farm denizens is launched into the big city in Shaun the Sheep Movie, the latest stop-motion adventure from Aardman Animations.

In the documentary category, we investigate Meru, for which three climbers braved untold hardships to climb the legendary Himalayan peak, and The Visit, in which scientists and other experts posit what first contact will be like when aliens land on Earth.



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