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Revolutionary Road
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Revolutionary Road
Benjamin Button
Jack Green, ASC
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Deakins was able to supervise Revolutionary Road’s 4K digital intermediate in person at EFilm, and the facility’s remote system was transported to New York so he and Mendes could view the results together. An enthusiastic proponent of the DI, Deakins notes the process was especially useful on this picture. “All the work in the house was a constant chase against the light, and the DI was the final tool I could use to make all those shots match a bit better and give the light an even feel. It was about giving the film as much reality as we could.”  

Marveling at Deakins’ ability to “elevate images without losing a sense of the real” both in the DI suite and on the set, Mendes emphasizes that such subtlety is just one characteristic of the cinematographer’s work that makes it unique. Beyond Deakins’ considerable skill with the tools of his trade lies something that is perhaps less obvious but, says the director, just as remarkable: selflessness. “It’s stating the obvious to say Roger is a great cinematographer, but his work is never self-advertising,” says Mendes. “He won’t ever stand between the picture and the audience and say, ‘Look at the way this is lit. Look at the way this is shot.’ The effect of the movie is therefore cumulative; you can’t pull any single shot out because it doesn’t mean anything taken out of context. It’s the whole film that is the statement.”



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