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Mark your calendars, because on Feb. 20, 2010, something huge is going to happen.

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite cinematographer light a scene and explain his or her thought process? Are there questions you’ve always wanted to ask ASC members about their lives and careers? Do you wish you could find out the little tricks we use to make a scene truly memorable? Have you ever wanted to visit the ASC Clubhouse?

Well, all these things, and many more, have been dreams and requests we’ve received over the years from American Cinematographer subscribers and, more recently, our Facebook fans, and we’ve been working feverishly on a way to make them possible. Next month, they will be.

“Friends of the ASC” is a new level of ASC membership that will open the door to the inner workings of the Society and its members. It will give you unprecedented access to new, exclusive content about lighting, camerawork and associated technologies, as well as access to industry events featuring ASC members. Thanks to our partners, the vendors who support our educational and outreach pursuits, it will also help you pursue your professional goals; these partners will offer you discounts on their products and services.

What will you get as a Friend of the ASC? The list of benefits is growing by the day, but here are just a few of them:

• A one-year subscription to the digital edition of American Cinematographer

• A “Friends of the ASC” membership card granting access to exclusive discounts on equipment and services from the top professional vendors in the industry, in addition to savings at the ASC Store

• A free annual event at the ASC Clubhouse especially for Friends of the ASC, so you can meet and talk with ASC members in person

• Discounted admission to select ASC events

• Exclusive access to Friends of the ASC content at, which will include how-to videos about lighting featuring ASC members; technical tips from industry professionals on subjects such as digital intermediates; and “Ask the ASC,” where you can address questions to specific cinematographers and have them answered

• Exclusive access to historic audio interviews with such ASC legends as James Wong Howe, Karl Struss and Ray Rennahan

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We plan to add even more features based on what our subscribers say is most interesting and important to them, including discounted admission to select ASC events. All of these benefits will be available for a $100 annual fee. Regardless of your location, you can connect with the ASC in ways that were never before possible.

Friends of the ASC will be officially unveiled on Feb. 20 at the ASC Open House, where attendees will get a firsthand look at everything this new level of membership offers.

You will be hearing a lot more about this fantastic new program in the near future. It’s been in the works for a few years, and the ASC staff has worked closely with the Society’s officers, board members, and active and associate members to make Friends of the ASC the most exciting, informative and inspiring way for all filmmakers, emerging and established, to be closer to the Society and what we do.

I’m looking forward to having you join us!


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