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“With digital cameras, there aren’t any steadfast rules, and I believe that gives me a huge amount of freedom,” he concludes. “The medium is romantic, interesting and beautiful, but it also looks real. And there’s so much you can do in post! Film has a certain kind of quality that cannot be matched by digital technology, but at times, the advantages digital has over film are important for the language and the contents of the story you’re telling, and that determines your choice. 

“I always emphasize to students that the technology is only a minor part of the job — and it’s the easy side, really. The hard part is the art of storytelling. Once you work out how to tell your story, the rest is just putting that plan into action.”




High-Definition Video and Super 35mm

HD: Sony CineAlta F23, HDC-F950,
Fujinon and Zeiss lenses

Super 35mm: Arri 435, 235
Cooke S4 lenses

Kodak Vision3 500T 5219

Digital Intermediate

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