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Donald M. Morgan
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Throughout this period, Morgan also did aerial work on numerous projects and shot a variety of commercials, pilots and features, including the kickboxing drama Excessive Force, the comedy Born to be Wild, and the drama The Rage: Carrie 2.  Asked what pitfalls he has dodged over the years, Morgan replies, “Being typecast as a specific kind of cinematographer is the worst thing that can happen to you. After I got out of aerial work and started lighting sets, people joked for years that there was no way I could fit my helicopter into the soundstage. To others it was more serious: how could I know anything about lighting? To them I was just an aerial cameraman. Later, after I went from features to TV work, I had to re-prove myself to some people because now I was a ‘TV guy.’ It hasn’t always been easy.”  Reflecting on his winding path to the pinnacle of his profession, Morgan is wistful about the past and excited about the future. “I’m very lucky to have had the success I’ve enjoyed, but I feel now that I’m at a new level in how I think about my work. I hope people don’t take this honor as some indication that I’m retiring, because nothing could be further from the truth.”  


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