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Assimilate, Telairity Collaborate for Remote 3-D Post

Assimilate and Telairity have announced a remote 3-D post network, which enables the immediate exchange of 3-D files for real-time or off-line reviews among clients, talent teams and post artists anywhere in the world. The transit of massive 3-D files via this remote network results in significant time and budget savings while also allowing post teams to work with clients regardless of geographical distance.

Post artists working in Assimilate Scratch v5.1 send two streams of data files (one each for the left and right eye) to the 3ality 3Play Pro stereoscopic display processor, which creates a single multiplex stream that is then sent to the Telairity H.264 encoder for compressing the imagery. From the encoder, an H.264 (MPEG 4) multiplex stream carries the high-quality imagery over IP to a small set-top box at the client end. The encoder bit rate can be adjusted at the post end to accommodate the bandwidth at the client end; clients can then review the files either in real time with the post facility or offline at their convenience.

For offline reviews, clients can select from the play list, review, and use the HTML remote/review/comment capability in Scratch 5.1 to update and tag comments to the content, and return those comments to the post facility, where the notes are fed to and updated in Scratch 5.1. This review process is fast and can be repeated as often as necessary for a production.

“Via the Telairity encoder, post houses will be streaming the highest quality 3-D imagery data to their clients for true borderless collaboration in a highly secure, broadcast-quality solution,” says Ben Silva, senior vice president, worldwide sales, Telairity. Jeff Edson, CEO of Assimilate, adds, “The time savings and low cost of this process will rapidly increase the availability of 3-D content for theatrical releases and TV productions.”

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