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In this issue of American Cinematographer are, as always, articles about the extraordinary efforts of filmmaking teams to bring you entertainment, enlightenment and information. Filmmaking teams are formed on every project, and we often forge lifelong bonds during these remarkable journeys of hard work, adventure and struggle. We remember each and every film we’ve made by the relationships we formed with our teammates.

Lucky are those who work together over many projects and become a sort of moveable community, traveling to different locations to make different stories come to life. The folks in this community look out for each other. For instance, a team member might get an interview to move up to cinematographer, realize during the interview that it won’t happen on this project, and then recommend a cinematographer he has worked with before. A teammate has looked out for another.

The new team formed by our recently elected ASC officers and Board of Governors has started its journey together, and we are guiding one of America’s oldest non-profit arts organizations through this second decade of the new century. One of our challenges is the rough water navigated by any organization that publishes periodicals and books, as we do. Oh, to operate in Germany, where the price of books is fixed by the government so that the Walmarts and Amazons and Costcos of the world cannot use printed matter as loss leaders and drive publishers and bookstores out of business. (The purpose of the German law is not economic, really; the purpose is to increase diversity in publishing.) In the United States, we have lost half of our neighborhood booksellers in the last decade. But we at the ASC have been toughened by many filmmaking campaigns, and we will continue to publish and get the word out to all of you who are interested in cinematography.

All filmmaking is community based, so to speak, and our community includes inventors, color scientists, camera manufacturers, lighting companies, programmers and, yes, film-stock manufacturers and labs, all of whom are represented in the ranks of ASC associate members. They go into filmmaking “battle” with us — they always have and always will — and they are at heart filmmakers themselves. And the challenges posed by the transformation to digital affects how our associates work, just as it affects how the ASC produces and distributes its publications. But cinematographers and our partners have been part and parcel of the “digital revolution” for quite some time. When the 10th edition of the American Cinematographer Manual is released, you will see it not only in print, but also in iBook and Kindle formats.
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