March 2023

An Artful Apocalypse for The Last of Us

All images courtesy of HBO Max A video game does not have to tell a good story to succeed, but a television series based on a game must tell a good story, or else. And when a game that serves as the source material for a series features a story that’s near-unanimously praised by gamers and non-gamers alike, the filmmakers behind the TV adaptation are under even more pressure to deliver an experience that both transcends gameplay and provides an equally compelling narrative. “The Last of Us is not only a story about surviving the post-apocalyptic world; it’s about surviving emotional loss and learning to build again,” says cinematographer Ksenia Sereda, RGC, who photographed the pilot for the HBO Max series — based on the Naughty Dog/Sony...more

Photo 1 The Last of Us Bella Ramsey Anna Torv Liane Hentscher HBO


Babylon Featured
January 2023

Hollywood Babylon

Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF helps Damien Chazelle capture an industry’s bawdy beginnings....more

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