The ASC MHL specification has been developed with the goal of providing consistency, efficiency and additional intelligence in managing media through production and post. The virtual working group that created this specification has completed their first “committee version,” now available for peer review.

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) would like to present
the ASC Media Hash List (ASC MHL) for peer review.

Peer Review

Version 0.9 of the ASC MHL specification will be available between October 1st, 2021 until November 26, 2021. We strongly encourage feedback from implementers, production/post production crew, studio representatives, and or anyone involved in media management. After November 26, we will continue to take feedback from the community, however such feedback is not guaranteed to make it into the first official release of the ASC MHL.

Call to Action

We strongly encourage reviewers to engage in one or more of the following actions:

  • “Review” (anyone interested): Read and review the specification and send questions and feedback.

  • “Kicking the tires” (e.g., integrators, vendors, technicians): Use and test the reference implementation to get hands-on insight on semantics and behavior.

  • “Get hands dirty” (e.g., vendors): Start to implement the specification for real-world testing.

Providing Feedback

There will be two options for submitting feedback to our team:

Google Doc

The specification link below is a google document that anyone can make comments within.

ASC MHL Specification

Comments within the Google Doc are intended to be focused on language, missing information, and anything specific to sections of the document itself


[email protected]

We’ve set up a dedicated email that will forward into our committee’s Slack channel for any questions or comments on the ASC MHL

This form of communication, unlike the Google Doc is meant to be for bigger picture questions or thoughts on the initiative, the intention behind workflow and or implementation

Committee Response Time

Our team will do their best to get back to everyone that provides feedback and or asks questions. However if responses to this release are overwhelming, we will plan to provide communication back to the community with one large update that encapsulates everyone’s questions and feedback, versus replying individually. With the peer review window closing on November 26, you can expect a response from our team no later than the end of the year.