ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council


The ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC) has been widely recognized as an industry leader — influencing the advancement of motion imaging technologies in ways that best serve the creative interests of filmmakers while emphasizing the cinematographer’s contribution to the art form. 

MITC examines and understands emerging imaging technologies so that it may advise its membership and the motion picture industry in the convergence of these technologies with traditional motion picture techniques. It is the responsibility of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council to represent the combined interests of its membership by influencing the supporting industries to seek solutions that further the overall goals of the ASC for Loyalty, Progress and Artistry.

The ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council shall:

Advise the ASC Membership about the challenging technology issues affecting cinematography and how these issues impact the role of the cinematographer.

Influence the production community, as well as standards setting organizations worldwide.

Support ASC Education Committee in furthering the education of cinematography students.

ASC MITC (“My Tech”) was founded in 2002 as the ASC Technology Committee. Its name was changed to better convey the scope and influence of its activities.


Curtis Clark, ASC

Vice Chairs

Richard Edlund, ASC
Steven B. Poster. ASC


David Reisner


Advanced Imaging

Gary Demos
Jim Fancher

Bill Mandel
David Reisner


David Stump, ASC
Richard Edlund, ASC

Bill Bennett, ASC
David Reisner


Josh Pines
David Reisner

Digital Archive

Garrett Smith

Digital Restoration & Preservation

Grover Crisp
Michael Friend


Michael McDonough, ASC
Jay Holben


David Stump, ASC
Jim Houston

Motion Imaging Workflow

Greg Ciaccio
Tim Kang

George Joblove
Joseph Goldstone

Next Generation Cinema Display

Michael Karagosian
Eric Rodli
Steve Schklair

Professional Monitors

Jim Fancher
Gary Mandle

SSIMWave Evaluation Working Group

Thomas Wall


Don Eklund
Bill Mandel

Virtual Reality

David Morin
Michael Goi, ASC
Mike Sanders

Virtual Production

David Morin
John Scheele