AUGUST 2004 online articles

“He Is a True Artist”
The legendary Cecil B. DeMille assesses the cinematographer.

The Founding Fathers
Fifteen unusual cameramen came together in 1919
to create the ASC.
Sidebar: The First ASC Credit

Shaping Cinematography’s “Magazine of Record”
American Cinematographer surveys 85 years of continuous publication.
Sidebar: Editors of American Cinematographer

Unnatural Surroundings
Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, goes into the woods for the supernatural thriller The Village.

Hell on Wheels
Paul Cameron and Dion Beebe, ACS take hi-def video to extremes on Collateral.

DVD Playback
Reviews of current and upcoming DVD releases:
      The Manchurian Candidate
      Angel Heart
      Dirty Pretty Things

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