Editors of American Cinematographer

The following is a complete list of the editors of American Cinematographer from its inception to the present day. From April to July 1922, the masthead listed only an editorial board consisting of J.A. DuBray, H. Lyman Broening, Karl Brown, Philip H. Whitman and Alfred Hitchens.

“Captain Jack” Poland

Mary B. Howe

Silas Edgar Snyder
1921-March 1922

Foster Goss
August 1922-August 1927

Silas Edgar Snyder
September 1927-April 1929

Hal Hall
May 1929-September 1932

Charles J. VerHalen
October 1932-February 1937

George Blaisdell
March 1937-December 1940

William Stull, ASC
January 1941-August 1943

Hal Hall
September 1943-December 1945

Walter R. Greene
January 1946-June 1948

Arthur Gavin
July 1948-January 1965

Herb Lightman
>February 1965

Will Lane
March 1965

Don C. Hoeffler
April 1965-January 1966

Herb Lightman
February 1966-June 1982

Richard Patterson
July 1982-April 1985

George Turner
May 1986-January 1992

David Heuring
February 1992-June 1995

Stephen Pizzello
July 1995-Present

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