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August '98 Online Articles

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The Last Great War
Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, ASC and his crack camera team re-enlist with director Steven Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan
[ Features Quicktime movie clips ]
Five-Star General
Steven Spielberg answers AC's questions about his cinematic battle plan for Saving Private Ryan
Nike Woos the World Cup
Director John Woo and cinematographer Gale Tattersall add visual kick to a spot celebrating Brazil's national soccer team
[ Features Quicktime movie ]
Demonic Convergence
Director of photography Owen Roizman, ASC's realistic rendering of a supernatural nightmare made The Exorcist an immediate horror classic

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Ringside Riddle
Burum and DePalma roll the dice with Snake Eyes, an ambitious thriller which examines a murder through ever-shifting perspectives
Gothic Goddess
In stirring up a bubbling cauldron of otherworldly images, Canadian music video director Floria Sigismondi has helped to define the industry's cutting edge
Dada Devotee
Music video pioneer Gerald Casale, co-founder of the New Wave art-rock band Devo, brings his quirky sensibility to the small screen

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