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Russell Carpenter, ASC heads up Titanic team

James Cameron analyzes his obsession

Rob Legato and Digital Domain use modern methods to evoke past era

Special Effects artists design a screenworthy vessel

Cameron and Carpenter discuss how care and rigid procedures can result in optimum images

 Cameron employs CFI Laboratories' unique remote color-timing system

 VIFX jumps aboard project to add convincing details

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Rob Legato describes the tactics adopted to simulate the sinking of the Titanic

Exclusive set photos, ship models in use and shots documenting exploration of the original wreck

Three extraordinary clips from the film

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Ask Carpenter
E-mail Russell Carpenter, ASC, and read his responses to cinematography-related questions about his work on Titanic
Cinematographer's Tips
Russell Carpenter, ASC reveals a few lighting tricks he used while filming Titanic
Favorite Forgotten Films
Discover which films inspired Russell Carpenter, ASC to become a cinematographer
Wrap Shot
How many times has Titanic been remade? Find out in this short article on the sinking, and re-sinking, of Titanic on film throughout the century.

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