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FEBRUARY 2003 online articles

Razzle Dazzle
Chicago brings Bob Fosse's bold, brassy musical to the big screen
Sidebar: Jazzing Up Toronto with CG Effects

A Colorful Con
The Music Man fine-tunes a charlatan's song and dance for television

Divine Interventions
A disillusioned priest-in-training seeks the holy truth in Miracles

Space Cowboys - Web exclusive
A frontier mentality fuels the sci-fi series Firefly

DVD Playback
Reviews of current and upcoming DVD releases:
      Singin' in the Rain
      A Hard Day's Night
      The Producers

Books in Review
New titles of interest to cinematographers and filmmakers.

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The February print edition also covers the following: the hi-def series Robbery Homicide Division, the Brazilian feature City of God, and Bill Butler, ASC, the recipient of the 2003 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award.

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