July '98 Online Articles

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When Worlds Collide
Cinematographer John Schwartzman, ASC reteams with director Michael Bay to expose Earth to a planet-threatening asteroid in Armageddon
Elusive Truth
As legions of fans obsess over every rumor, executive producer Chris Carter, director Rob Bowman and cinematographer Ward Russell bring The X-Files to the big screen
Industry Town Embraces Indies
The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival continues to grow and thrive while providing a high-profile showcase for interesting filmic fare
Heart of Darkness
Humphrey Bogart cast himself in a different light with In a Lonely Place, a noir gem directed by Nicholas Ray and photographed by Burnett Guffey, ASC

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Space Chase
A bevy of visual effects companies join forces to lend extra urgency and atmosphere to Armageddon
Paranormal Activities
Visual effects supervisor Mat Beck leads an intrepid team of experts to help make the X-Files movie as "out there" as possible
Policing a New Beat
Brooklyn South, a CBS series photographed by Bill Roe, strives to break the cop-show mold

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