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June '98 Online Articles

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Master of Light and Motion
Victorio Storaro, ASC, AIC answers AC's questions about his work on Bulworth
Extended Godzilla Coverage
Explore our special, extended coverage of Godzilla on-line:
Monster Mash
Director of photography Ueli Steiger and a team of experts overcome daunting conditions and logistics to capture the Americanized Godzilla
On-line exclusive:
Creature designer Patrick Tatopoulos re-imagines the classic King of the Monsters for a contemporary audience
On-line exclusive:
The story of the arduous odyssey to conceive a leapin' lizard that could travel 500 mph through downtown Manhattan
True Luminaries
Six of the world's finest cinematographers receive salutes from the ASC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Penny-Wise, Image-Foolish?
While video and digital dailies are touted for their economy, they may cost your production more than print dailies in the long run
Better Safe Than Sorry
Hollywood Local 728 makes a commitment to safer sets with a new educational program for lighting technicians

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This Is Your Life
In The Truman Show, director Peter Weir and cinematographer Peter Bizou, BSC tell the imaginative tale of a hapless man whose veracious existence has been turned into a television show
Storaro and Bulworth
The inventor of the Steadicam hits the campaign trail with director Warren Beatty and cinematographer Victorio Storaro, ASC, AIC
Two Steadicams — No Waiting
Steadicam father and son team
Dust in the Wind
Rod Serling's sci-fi tale A Town Has Turned to Dust is brought to life as an atmospheric television movie shot on Digital Beta
A Teutonic Love Triangle
The critically-lauded German film Not a Love Song, directed by Jan Ralske and photographed by Hans Fromm, impresses audiences at the South by Southwest Film Festival

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