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Kodak's Expanding "Vision"
by Christopher Probst

Kodak's Expanding "Vision" | Vision and Vision Premier Color Print Films | Vision 800T 5289 Color Negative Film | Kodak's ScreenCheck Certification

On September 16, Eastman Kodak unveiled the three latest additions to their Vision family of film stocks. Hosting a presentation for cinematographers, lab technicians and other industry professionals at the Director's Guild theater in Hollywood, the company demonstrated its new generation of color print films, Vision 2383 and Vision Premier 2393, and a new color negative emulsion, Vision 800T 5289. Two 35mm demonstration films — shot by Kodak's in-house cinematographers — featured side-by-side projected comparisons between each of the new stocks and their current Kodak counterparts.

Additionally, Kodak president of motion picture imaging Richard Aschman announced the inception of Kodak's ScreenCheck program, a technical quality-assurance initiative designed to certify theaters which meet Kodak's recommended projection and sound reproduction standards.