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Grant Winners

Documentarians Charles Clemmons, Ana Coyne Alonso, Ramy Katrib and the team of Sven Berkemeir and Rich Samuels have been named the 1998 recipients of Kodak Project Access — the International Documentary Association/Kodak Product Grant Program. The five filmmakers were chosen by an IDA blue-ribbon panel to receive grants that will enable them to produce nonfiction projects on film. "These product grants provie much-needed encouragement for nonfiction filmmakers whose passion and commitment to important projects are limited by the restraints of tight budgets," explains IDA Executive Director Betsy A. McLane. "These grants are designed to allows those filmmakers to bridge the budget gap and originate on film."

Alonso is a New York-based documentary filmmaker whose project, entitled Shooters, will chronicle the aftermath of an incident concerning a photojournalist shot while on assignment on Israel's West Bank. During his year-and-a-half recuperation in a Paris hospital, the photojournalist decided to return to Israel to find the soldier who shot him. Katrib is an L.A.-based director whose Proton Beam Therapy: Medicine on the Cutting Edge will document the history, current status and future applications of this form of medical treatment, and feature an explanation of the complex procedure and its benefits, as well as real-life patient stories. Also headquartered in the City of Angels is Berkemeier/Samuel Productions, whose film Shooter will portray the extraordinary relationship between British journalist Robert Yager and the L.A. street gang Westside Playboys. Clemmons submitted his proposal on behalf of the Connecticut-based Wiltonwood Productions, Inc. for Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War of 1636-1637, which will chronicle the first skirmish between Native Americans and European colonists.

Says Michael Zakula, Hollywood Region TV segment manager for Kodak's Professional Motion Imaging department, "If you are going to put your heart and soul into a project, you want to end up with a film that you can project at festivals, and you want it to be on a medium that will be compatible with future as well as current television transmission and display systems. Film is also much more durable than tape, so you know you are producing something that will be more of a permanent record of your work. We want to thank the IDA and its members for administering this grant and for their dedication to the pursuit of excellence."

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