October '98 Online Articles

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Samurai Tactics
Director John Frankenheimer teams with accomplished cinematographer Robert Fraisse on Ronin, a gritty action thriller that makes the most of its French setting.
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Card Sharks
In Rounders, director John Dahl and cinematographer Jean Yves Escoffier explore New York's secretive subterranean poker scene.

Illuminating Images
1998's Emmy Award-nominated cinematographers radiate in the 1.33:1 domain.
Sidebar: 1998 Emmy Engineering Awards

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Swanky Modes
The CBS television pilot Buddy Faro, directed by Charles Haid and photographed by Aaron Schneider, achieves a retro look with the help of some modern methods.

Legal Eagle
Emmy-winning director/cinematographer Constantine Makris, ASC has helped NBC's Law & Order soar to high ratings and critical acclaim.

Sword, Pen and Family
Director James Ivory explores a more contemporary era in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, a heartfelt familial drama photographed by Jean-Marc Fabre.

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