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September '98 Online Articles

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Leader of the Pack
Director of photography Conrad Hall, ASC discusses how his work in Without Limits helps define a complex character racing through life.
Height of Fashion
Cinematographer Curtis Clark, ASC teams with renowned still photographer Sheila Metzner to bring a spontaneous style to Ralph Lauren's latest ad campaign.
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Thinking Different
How the computer revolution in multimedia gave rise to Fuel, a design and production studio focusing on creative commercial work.
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A Cop Gone Wrong
Orson Welles and Russell Metty, ASC lent cinematic panache to Touch of Evil, a noir thriller whose script was rescued from the reject pile.

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Brush with the Gutter
Love Is the Devil explores the tumultuous life and art of notorious British painter Francis Bacon.
Rhythmic Images
Cinematographer Rolf Kesterman teams with director (and spouse) Paula Walker to create dynamic commercials and music videos.
Crossing Over in Post
New, more sophisticated digital postproduction systems have allowed some filmmakers to adapt video methods for film work.

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