ASC Vision Mentorship Program

​APPLICATIONS DUE: June 28, 2019, 11:59 p.m. PST
About the Program

The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in 1919 with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas and techniques. ASC members have a long history of mentoring burgeoning artists and students, and the ASC Vision Mentorship Program expands and supports this critical mission.

The Mentorship Program aims to make the cinematography profession more inclusive by sharing the professional experiences of our members with a wide range of cinematographers.

Mentees will be chosen and accepted by the ASC and then paired with an ASC mentor.  They will receive the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the craft, focus their career objectives and hone skills. The number of accepted mentees will vary based on available mentors and the applicant pool.

Mentor schedules permitting, mentees will receive a minimum of two meetings with their mentors during a one-year period. Should the mentor or mentee not be available to meet in person, the mentor will be available via Skype or phone. Additional interactions or relationships will be at the sole discretion of the mentor.

The mentor will be available to discuss professional questions and issues relating to career growth and objectives — this is not an appropriate space for the mentee to ask to be hired.


The ASC Vision Mentorship Program is designed for working professionals with a deep interest in pursuing a career as a cinematographer. Successful applicants will have significant production or on-set work experience, preferably within the camera department.

It is not a requirement that applicants possess a college degree or have earned higher education in film. Recent college graduates are encouraged to gain at least three years of postgraduate professional experience prior to applying. 

The program is open to local, out-of-state and international applicants. 

Application Requirements

Serious interest in pursuing a professional career as a cinematographer

Minimum of 3 to 5 years of relevant professional production or on-set experience

18 years of age or older

Application Materials

Completed and signed application form

This can be a YouTube or Vimeo link


200 words maximum

Personal Testimonial
In a short essay (500 words maximum), include your reasons for becoming a director of photography, your short- and long-term goals and any personal philosophy on cinematography.

Website (optional)

Application Instructions

Send the completed and signed application form and all other application materials to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Applicant must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.

By applying to the ASC Vision Mentorship Program, every applicant is agreeing to all ASC Holding Terms and Conditions listed and available. If you disagree with any terms you may not submit to the program. 

The decision of the judges will be final and cannot be contested in any manner. ASC Holding reserves the right to delay announcements for any reason. There is no guarantee of advancement or acceptance into the program.

By submitting to the program you are holding harmless ASC Holding or any affiliates from any claims, expenses and liabilities, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, copyright, libel, trademark infringement, slander, personal property infringement, etc.

Any accepted applicant may be required to sign an affidavit validating their application to the program.

Any accepted applicants may have their name and picture used for any ASC Holding promotions or promotions of our sponsors or affiliates.

Except where prohibited by law, participation in the program constitutes each applicant’s consent to ASC Holding and its agents’ use of applicants’ names, likenesses, photographs, and/or personal information for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. All uses of applicants’ information are in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

Void where prohibited.

BY SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION TO THE PROGRAM YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THESE CONDITIONS. You agree to release and hold harmless ASC Holding, its subsidiary, parent and affiliated companies, judges, mentors, sponsors, and any other organizations responsible for administering, advertising or promoting the program, and every one of their respective members, directors, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”) past and present from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to damages and negligence to property and persons, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, copyright, infringement of trademark or other intellectual property rights relating to an applicant’s application, participation in the program and/or acceptance or use or misuse of mentorship.