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- Fresnel/Soft Light Fixtures - Getting Graphic
- Latest in Lens Conversion - New HDTV Equipment
- Diopter Holder - Camera Support Gear
- Socket Speed Rings - Lightweight Daylight Luminaire
- Steadicam   - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Kimsa Carry now offers its Papa (the Production Assistant's Production Assistant) bag. The carry-all tote is similar to a fanny pack, but offers six separate compartments. Its main compartment is 8" x 7" x 2." Two smaller compartments are sized to hold such personal effects as keys, wallets and small tools. There are also separate side pockets, one with a strap designed to hold a walkie-talkie, which can double as a water-bottle holder. The other pocket is covered to hold a cellular phone or other important items more securely. Made of water-repellent nylon, the carry-all also features a reflective strip.

Kimsa Carry, (212) 727-1922, fax (212) 414-4427, e-mail: [email protected]

Cooling Charging System

Cooling Charging System

Cool-Lux, a Pana-Tek, Inc. company, introduces the Delta Force, a portable, single-port Minus Delta V charging system for nickel-metal-hydrade (NiMH) and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries with global AC power inputs. The system was designed for global application as well as for use with Cool-Lux's recently introduced CoolBrick — a replacement for the Anton-Bauer battery pack. The Delta Force can also be utilized for any NiMH or NiCd system — from low-capacity, compact batteries to high-capacity 10Ah power belts. The Delta Force can sense the voltage and capacity of every cell, will not allow cells to generate heat through loss of electrolytes, and can charge a brick or belt in two hours without a temperature increase. The Delta Force measures 6" long x 21/2" wide x 11/2" high, weighs only 4 ounces, and has an output charge rating of 2.2A. The charger is internally dual voltage regulated, allowing for automatic, convenient overseas adaptability. An auto-charge completion indicator also prevents overcharging, and LED indicators let the user know the status of the charge at all times.

Pana-Tek, (805) 482-4820, fax (805) 482-0736, website:

Getting Graphic

Cutting Edge Technology, Inc. (CETI) introduces the ProStation GS 400D and ProAlpha GS 667, two new high-end workstations for CAD/CAM/CAE, Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC), plant design, visual simulation, image rendering, 3-D animation and other professional graphics applications. The ProStation GS 400D features a dual Intel Pentium II 400 MHz processor, while the ProAlpha GS 667 is powered by a Compaq Alpha 667MHz processor — both utilize the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. The two new workstations are available in a vintage "hunter green" full or mid-tower chassis. Maxgraphix 3-D OpebGL graphics accelerators support the latest Intel/Alpha processors. The graphics accelerator features 96 MB of memory (16 MB VRAM frame-buffer and 80 MB of DRAM local buffer) and supports 32-bit true color (double buffer resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at all resolutions.) It also provides 3.3 million 25-pixel polygons per second, 3.0 million 3-D vectors per second and up to 66 million MIPS-mapped pixels per second with 32-bit Z-buffering.

These specifications are complemented by CETI storage engineering improvements. The workstations are compatible with most of the industry's leading graphics software programs, including Alias/Wavefront Maya, Softimage 3-D, Lightwave 3-D, Lightscape, Kinetix, Microstation, Solidworks, EDS Unigraphics, Pro/MECHANICA, Ansys, Artisan, Pro/Engineer, AutoCad, GameGen II, 3D Studio Max R2x and many others. Both the ProStation GS 400D and ProAlpha GS 667 are covered under a three-year parts and labor warranty. CETI also offers a service policy that provides 8-to-24 hour system turnarounds. The ProStation GS and ProAlpha GS comprise an entire series of workstations that can be custom-configured for the digital content artist. CETI is a "build-to-order" manufacturer, equipped for small or large orders at its ISO 9002-certified assembly plant.

CETI, (800) 722-7748, website:

Robert McNeel & Associates, (206) 545-7000, fax (206) 545-7321,

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