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New HDTV Equipment

New HDTV Equipment

Evertz Microsystems announces the introduction of its 9000-series platform for the HDTV and DTV products. The Evertz 9000 series platform has been designed specifically for the SDTI and HDTV applications. The Evertz HDTV DAs feature a 1RU frame that houses 3 DA cards that each have one input and four outputs. The HD9501-DA features auto-equalization for all serial data rates up to 1.5Gb/s (inclusive of 540mb/s, 360mb/s, 270mb/s, 177mb/s, 143mb/s), 150 meters at 1.5Gb/s (Belden 1694 cable or equivalent, <100ps of jitter).

Evertz has also introduced the HD9570 HDTV Ancillary Data Encoder and HD9590 HDTV Graticule Generator. The Ancillary Data Encoder provides a solution for high bit rate data handling requirements such as closed captioning, source ID, timecode, VITC and other METADATA application requirements for HDTV. The Graticule Generator is a multi-format graticule that keys various alignment markers over a source video picture to facilitate film transfers, postproduction and quality-control measures relating to picture location for various film aspect ratios, safe action and title areas as well as picture center. The HD9590 also supports a Windows 95 utility for PC-based remote control, setup and configuration management.

Evertz also introduces the 5550 UV Universal Film Reader/Decoder, which can handle all major film formats and all codes presently in use with just one head and a separate 1RU decoder unit. This simplifies telecine bay operation by having a complete solution in one system while providing a scaleable purchase and upgrade path. The 5550 can be mounted on a telecine or other film transport to recover KeyKode, Arri code and Aaton code from 16mm, Super 16 or 35mm film. The Reader/Decoder unit features automatic intensity control and also incorporates the latest technology that provided advanced digital processing for the recovery of code from film with noise and other unwanted artifacts. It is also a reader for data mode transfers for the non-real-time transfers.

Evertz Microsystems, (905) 335-3700, fax (905) 335-3573, e-mail: [email protected].

Camera Support Gear

Camera Support Gear

Bogen Photo Corp. offers several new products from Gitzo: a compact leveling base and a series of fluid heads. The G1321 Leveling Base was designed for use with series 3, 4 and 5 Gitzo tripods. The base weighs only 13/8 pounds, but can level cameras weighing up to 33 lbs. Fitted with an accurate spirit level, the G1321 provides up to 15 degrees of adjustment, and features a single lever for positive-lock control. Its 3/8" mounting screw accommodates most flat-mount video heads and offers the same flexibility as built-in leveling bases.

The G1380-Series Pro Video Fluid Heads were designed for use with a full range of today's lightweight ENG/IFP cameras, portable video cameras, and tomorrow's generation of super-lightweight DV cams. The G1380s offer six specific counter-balanced springs to accommodate camera/lens combinations weighing from 2.2 to 22 lbs. Each head features separate pan/tilt variable drag control, a pan/tilt lock, and a sliding camera platform for quick mounting, balancing and dismounting. A built-in safety lock prevents the camera from accidentally sliding off. All six G1380 models have a 75mm ball leveling base and are available separately or in combinations with select carbon-fiber or aluminum-alloy Gitzo tripods.

Bogen Photo Corp., (201) 818-9500, fax (201) 818-9177, website:

Lightweight Daylight Luminaire

Lightweight Daylight Luminaire

Sachtler offers the Reporter 21D MicroSun. While designed for use on ENG-style cameras, it can also be serve as a compact special-effects lamp. The lamp can be run from all commonly used 12 to 30V DC power supply. With its built-in electronic ballast, this 5600ºK light consumes 27 watts while the on-board power stabilizer maintains the output at a constant 21 watts over the entire input voltage range, ensuring consistent intensity and color temperature. The MicroSun's lamp will typically last for 750 hours, and its beam can be focused from 18 to 60 degrees. The resulting 6:1 change in light intensity can also be used for a dimming effect. Complete with 4-leaf barndoors, the lamp weighs only 500 grams. Its housing is made of fiberglass-reinforced shock-resistant plastic and has a low thermal conductivity. The MicroSun's gel frame and barndoors are compatible with the commonly-available Dedolight.

Sachtler, (089) 321-58-200, fax (089) 321-58-227

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