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Denz Offers Medium-Format Test Projection Lens Checker

After six months of initial testing, the MFC65 moves into production.

David Alexander Willis

After six months of initial testing, the MFC 65 moves into production.

Planned to ship in early 2018, the Denz MFC 65 test projector uses a high-intensity COB-LED light source to provide even illumination and alignment accuracy of  ±1 µm. The DB-Mount Denz Basic Lens Mount has breech-lock, mating diameter of Ø87mm, and short flange distance of only 10mm. Each is provided for ease of use with lens mounting adapters for all current systems as well as potential future formats. 

With inscriptions for most popular sensor formats, including 1", MFT, APSC, Super35, Red Helium, full frame, PV DXL, Alexa 65 and standard medium format at 48mm x 36mm, the Denz MFC 65’s test chart has frame corners and scribe lines to check for barreling and pincushion. To evaluate resolution, Siemens stars and line-pair blocks run from 12 to 200 lp/mm, including 2:1 squeeze for anamorphic glass. For zoom tracking, the central cross also has scribe scales. 

At up to 20,000 lumens, intensity is steplessly adjustable. There is tandem support for 15mm and 19mm rods at the front of the MFC 65, and an extra trapezoidal bridge is provided for extra rigidity for heavier lenses. Designed for continuous usage at the industrial level, there are two chambers provided for cooling. 

With temperature monitoring, the swappable test chart cartridge also protects the interior glass test chart thanks to thermal isolation. The integrated measuring system achieves a position accuracy of 2µm. The Denz MFC 65 includes everything needed for alignment of the unit, so it can be brought to locations as needed. 

These include positioning laser, distance-measurement unit, and an electronic bubble level. The alignment laser is also used as reference during focus to check lens breathing and image shift. Controls are provided through Linux software to access operation capabilities, and a remote touchscreen WiFi tablet is included. 

For single technicians, the picture is displayed simultaneously on integrated touchscreen and tablet. Two lens motors will drive focus and zoom through integrated LEMO ports. 

The Denz MFC 65 joins the much more compact Denz PLC “Portable Lens Checker,” and the King Peter, which determines exact sensor location within a digital camera. 

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