May 2024

Eduardo Serra Lends his Eye to Unbreakable

Unit photography by Frank Masi, SMPSP This article originally appeared in AC Dec. 2000. Before serving as director of photography on M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, Eduardo Serra, AFC had never dealt with the paranormal. True, he had shot What Dreams May Come, “but I don’t really feel as if that film was about the paranormal,” the cinematographer says. “It was more a film about the afterlife.” Of course, Shyamalan’s breakthrough hit The Sixth Sense was definitely a paranormal tale, and his new project also deals with the uncanny. Serra recalls, “When Night first sent me the Unbreakable script, I was in Europe, and The Sixth Sense hadn’t been released there yet, so I really didn’t know anything about him. We had a very interesting...more

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May 2024

Breaking the News in Nightcrawler

Director of Photography Robert Elswit, ASC, details shooting inside a news station, lighting LA at night, and the hustle of a 26-day shooting schedule. ...more

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