May 2023

A Cop Gone Wrong: Touch of Evil

This article was originally published in AC, Sept. ’98. “A policeman’s job is only easy in a police state," Charlton Heston tells Orson Welles in Touch of Evil. "That’s the whole point, Captain. Who’s the boss, the cop or the law?" This rhetorical question lies at the heart of Welles’s moody and evocative 1958 movie. In exploring the time-tested theme, Orson Welles, a wildly variegated cast and a sturdy Universal production crew lead viewers through a shadowy maze of strange people, crime, squalor and moral decay. The result is a 20th-century American version of a yarn that might have been spun by Charles Dickens or Victor Hugo. The production history of Touch of Evil is almost as colorful as its story. Universal, renamed...more

Touch of Evil 6


Truman Show 14
May 2023

This is Your Life: The Truman Show

Director Peter Weir and cinematographer Peter Biziou, BSC tell the imaginative tale of a hapless man whose very existence has been turned into a television show....more

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