“You’re breaking the rules, defying tradition
and maybe even taking a chance — but why not?
You can’t just play it safe and still progress.”

— James Wong Howe, ASC

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The ASC Vision Committee encourages and supports the advancement of underrepresented cinematographers, their crews and other filmmakers.

Through educational events, networking opportunities, an ASC Master Class scholarship program and mentorship program, the committee actively works to ensure that the entertainment industry and those who work within it will accurately reflect the diverse population of the world at large.

From left: ASC members Reed Morano, Donald A. Morgan, Ellen Kuras, John Simmons and Tami Reiker.

“My career stands on the shoulders of
people who wanted to make a change
in our society and in the film industry.”
— Vision co-chair John Simmons


Historically, the profession of cinematographer has done little to help women and people of color gain significant experience to further their careers. Many crew members with worthy talents are stalled at entry- or mid–level positions and neither encouraged nor given the opportunities to move up the ranks or advance to bigger-budget productions.

The lack of current representation creates additional barriers for minority cinematographers to overcome regarding building relationships and integration, and they must also surpass years of conscious and unconscious biases to earn leadership or creative positions.

ASC members Amelia Vincent and Emmanuel Lubezki.

The Vision Committee is dedicated to encouraging colleagues to hire with more thought to inclusivity; providing aid to those who have had fewer opportunities or faced bias; and working alongside the ASC Education and Outreach Committee and other industry groups to connect with underserved students and filmmakers.

“We have to increase the number of
diverse peoples moving up the pipeline.”
— Vision co-chair Cynthia Pusheck

ASC members Anna Foerster,
Lisa Wiegand and Uta Briesewitz

ASC members Todd Dos Reis, Tak Fujimoto and Rodrigo Prieto.

“In a society that’s all fair and all just,
I’d be able to photograph every community with the
same amount of rigor, compassion and expertise.”
— Bradford Young, ASC

Continuing Our Founding Promise

The American Society of Cinematographers was established in 1919 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of motion-picture photography by bringing cinematographers together to freely exchange ideas and techniques, educate their peers and promote the motion picture as an art form.

As seen in the ASC seal, the Society’s motto is: Loyalty, Progress, Artistry.

The Vision Committee is an embodiment and extension of these core values.

From left: ASC members Sandi Sissel, Xiaoding Zhao, Polly Morgan and Matthew Libatique.

As an invitation-only organization, ASC membership is offered only to directors of photography who have continually demonstrated outstanding ability, superb taste and technical mastery. To reach this level, an individual must be offered certain opportunities to gain necessary creative and leadership experience.

The Vision Committee makes a direct effort to promote the advancement of underrepresented filmmakers to ensure the tenets of the Society are open to all.

From left: ASC members Judy Irola, Geary McLeod, Joan Churchill, Hiro Narita and Andrij Parekh.
From left: ASC members Nancy Schreiber, Michael Goi, Cynthia Pusheck, Henner Hofmann, Sharon Calahan, Larry Fong and Bill Dill.
From left: ASC members Nancy Schreiber, Michael Goi, Cynthia Pusheck, Henner Hofmann, Sharon Calahan, Larry Fong and Bill Dill.

“We all have eyes, hearts and minds — and souls.
We all need to fight for the right to express
our individuality and creativity in the
film and television industry that we love.”
— Nancy Schreiber, ASC