July 2024

Ahsoka: Framing a Rebel Saga

Images courtesy of Lucasfilm LTD The pair of cinematographers shooting Ahsoka were presented with a trove of creative challenges, which called for quick acclimation to new technologies, innovative solutions, detailed research and an uncommon degree of cooperation between two directors of photography. The production of the Disney Plus series saw its fair share of work on the Lucasfilm/ILM StageCraft OSVP stage — or volume, as it’s often referred to — as well as in more-traditional shooting environments, and within all these filming scenarios, the mission for ASC members Eric Steelberg and Quyen Tran was to produce imagery of a piece with the Star Wars universe. Acclimating to the Tech The Lucasfilm approach to virtual production involves...more

Ahsoka Featured


On the Beach Featured
July 2024

Wrap Shot: On the Beach

Long before Fallout, the nuclear nightmare of the Cold War inspired a multitude of captivating screen stories, including this sobering 1959 drama....more

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