December 2023

Nanlite Unveils PavoSlim Series

Nanlite has launched the PavoSlim LED Series, comprising the RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C and the Bi-color PavoSlim 60B and 120B. The Bi-color PavoSlim 60B and 120B are equipped with CCT and effects modes. The RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C provide these modes as well as additional HSI, RGBW and Gel modes. In HSI mode, the hue, saturation and intensity can be adjusted to achieve any one of 36,000 colors. In RGBW mode, there are controls for four separate channels (red, green, blue and white), enabling greater color precision. In Gel mode, the 60C and 120C accurately reproduce the colors of 151 commonly used gels. Two buttons, two knobs and a 2" screen on the control unit give users full control of the fixture. Control via the Nanlink app is...more

NP Nanlite Pavoslim

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