March 2023

Cooke Expands S8/i FF Series

Cooke Optics has announced four new focal lengths for the S8/i Full Frame lens series: 18mm, 27mm, 35mm and 65mm. With an all-spherical design and T1.4 throughout, the S8/i FF lenses were developed following feedback from cinematographers wanting to achieve more realistic and cinematic images for digital capture. Cooke’s design team, led by ASC associate member Iain Neil, completed a wide-ranging analysis to guarantee maximum contrast performance for digital-camera sensors. The S8/i is designed to deliver a near-telecentric projection of light rays, which is more efficient for creating organic images that present as both sharp yet natural with dimensional roll-off. Compact, light and agile, S8/i lenses feature Cooke’s latest intelligent...more

NP Cooke S8 2nd Phase Group White 03

New Products

NP Calibrite Profiler 2
February 2023

Calibrite Introduces Profiler

Powered by X-Rite’s color-science technology, Calibrite Profiler offers built-in presets for those new to color management and fully customizable features for more advanced users....more

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