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Sigma Intros 14mm and 135mm (T2) Cine Primes

Shipping this month, the company's series of full-frame lenses is joined by the new Sigma 14mm (T2) FF and 135mm (T2) FF models.

David Alexander Willis

Building on their legacy of making high-quality third-party still photography lenses for most popular mounts, Sigma Corporation of America’s family of Cine Prime lenses has grown with two new focal lengths: The 14mm (T2) FF and 135mm (T2) FF. Like the rest of the Sigma Cine Prime lenses, they will be available for Canon EF-, Sony E-, and PL-mount cameras. They will also be available together as a two-lens kit purchase at $10,499, which comes with protective lens case. At $24,799, they are also slated to be part of a 10-lens set with two carrying cases in addition to the 20mm (T1.5) FF, 24mm (T1.5) FF, 35mm (T1.5) FF, 50mm (T1.5) FF, and 85mm (T1.5) FF focal lengths. 

Both new lenses offer a 9-blade diaphragm and a full frame imaging circle that will cover 43.3mm. The Sigma 14mm has a close focus of 11” with 104.3º angle of view on full frame and 82.6º on Super 35. The 135mm measures in at 15.2º on full frame and 10.4º with Super 35. Sigma says the lenses are capable of up to 8K resolution. (I’ve asked Takuma Wakamatsu, Cine Lens Project Manager Sigma, for more information on this, but Sigma has not made their resolution charts public.) With 180º focus rotation, front filters are also unified at 95mm across the Sigma Cine FF High Speed Prime line for fast matte box, follow focus and lens swaps. Like most cinema lenses, the FF High Speed Prime Line has an oversized barrel with markings. They also have matched iris, focus and zoom ring placement across the lenses, including two Super 35 zooms that they offer. Filter sizes, lengths, and weights depend on the mount. 

See full tech specs for the 135mm here and the 14mm here. With these additions, the (T2) FF High Speed Prime Line now has seven available focal lengths. They join the 20mm (T1.5) FF, 35mm (T1.5) FF, 50mm (T1.5) FF, and 85mm (T1.5) FF. These original five primes are available as a set in the Five Prime Cine Lens Set Plus Case at $16,270. At a street of $3,999 each, Sigma also has two High Speed Zooms in the family, an 18-35mm (T2) and the 50-100mm (T2), which only cover Super 35 at a diagonal of 28.4mm. At $4,999, there is also a 24-35mm (T2.2) FF zoom that will cover full frame. These three zooms are not available in PL. 

Announced at IBC in September of 2016 and followed shortly by a debut at the ASC Clubhouse that October, the Sigma Cine Prime line builds on their extensive lines of third-party focal lengths for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Micro Four Thirds still cameras. In addition to lenses, Sigma also makes a number of flashes, accessories and even DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras. They even developed their own unique Foveon sensor, which sandwiches four layers of RGB pixels in order of response to the different color wavelengths. 

Established in 1961, Sigma is located in Aizu, Japan.

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