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Elation Seven Par IP Series

Widely adjustable gamut in a 25-degree, 7-color LED wash for installations and productions.

David Alexander Willis

Widely adjustable gamut in a 25-degree, 7-color LED wash for installations and productions.

Featuring a wider spectrum of chromatic options than previously available from the company, Elation Lighting has released the first two models in a brand new line of changeable color lights. Holding 7 or 19 LEDs respectively, the Seven Par 7IP and Seven Par 19IP color changers are based on the construction of the predecessing SixPar series, improving the design to achieve roughly 80% more lumens, better heat managment, and enhanced opticals with a more uniform light spread.

Each 25W diode in the Seven Par IP models harnesses a 7-in-1 color LED design, with lime and UV additions alongside red, green, blue, amber and white. Lime has been incorporated into the chips for more natural mixed white output and a better CRI throughout the mixed white color temperatures. Amber extends the possible range of colors while mixing, also giving more control over white balance and giving superior CRI results.

The Seven Par 19IP with 19 individual, color-tunable LEDs.

With a 25-degree angle and zone control over the diodes, the Seven Par IP fixtures are ideally suited for productions or lighting installations as LED wash, uplight, wall wash, truss warmer, and other applications. More compact at a weight of 10.6lbs, the Seven Par 7IP has an output of 2,101-lux at 3 meters with a power consumption of 162W. At 23.6lbs, the Seven Par 19IP offers 6,686-lux rating with a maximum consumption of 440W.

On both, the die-cast aluminum, IP65-rated body is dust- and waterproof for use outdoors or in. Multiple units can be linked for customizable light arrays, with multi-channel DMX control and IP-rated 5-pin as well as PowerCon ins and outs for compatibility using RDM Remote Device Management protocols. Onboard, there is a 4-button control panel with LCD menu for manual control of settings.

The Elation Lighting Seven Par 7IP light.

The design is flicker-free and silent thanks to user-adjustable LED refresh rates and Gamma brightness settings. Integrated dual rigging yoke and floor stand provides rig mounting or floor stand. The Seven Par IP series is fully dimmable to 0%, offering a selection of variable dimming curve templates for fast creation of effects. There are also color macros, strobing options from 1-18fps, and speed and fade control programs available.

A gel frame and barn door accessory can be purchased optionally. For use worldwide, the power supply is universal, automatically switching voltage and frequency. With headquarters in Los Angeles, Elation Lighting is available for European sales through support based in The Netherlands.

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