Code of Conduct

Loyalty • Progress • Artistry

We, as members of the American Society of Cinematographers, dedicate ourselves to the art, technology and craft of cinematography and encourage leadership in the field by bringing into close alliance those cinematographers who have demonstrated exceptional photographic ability and good character.

We strive to:

1. Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, ethics, and honesty; to behave in a manner that brings credit to the society and the art of cinematography, and set an example by how we treat our collaborators.

2. Serve with respect, courtesy, and responsiveness in carrying out the organization’s mission, and conduct ourselves with open communication, dedication, and compassion.

3. Promote inclusivity in our membership and crews such that they reflect the diversity of the broader community we live in.

4. Treat all members as equals and avoid conflicts that could harm the society and its members; to support each other’s work as though it were our own.

5. Lead the conversation regarding issues that affect the art and technology of cinematography.

6. Continuously educate ourselves in the evolving art and technology of cinematography, and to encourage the development of emerging cinematographers.

7. Protect as confidential any information regarding the society to which we have access by virtue of membership.

8. Uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Society of Cinematographers and abide by the policy decisions made by the Board of Governors.

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