This exceptional Caméréclair — serial number 504, made in 1924 — was found in France by ASC Museum curator Steve Gainer, ASC, ASK. 

Notes the Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematography about this sleek, hand-cranked 35mm unit:

The Établissements cinématographiques Éclair were founded in 1907 as a production company in Epinay-sur-Seine, France, by Charles Jourjon [the company opened an USA branch in 1911 in Fort Lee, New Jersey; Éclairs cameramen were Lucien Andriot, Arthur Edeson and René Guissart. 

In 1912, the manufacture of professional motion picture cameras became an activity of Éclair (the Éclair “Gillon,” with a prismatic focusing unit geared to the lens, was a unique innovation at the time). In 1920, the Caméréclair, designed by Jean Méry, was introduced and became a rival for Debrie’s Le Parvo.

Note that Andriot, Edeson and Guissart all later became ASC members.  

Influential Swedish cinematographer Julius Jaenzon (1885-1961) poses with an Éclair Caméréclair.

ASC Museum Collection item #00??