Arri 100th Celebration Arrives at ASC Clubhouse

The ASC Clubhouse was the place to be on Sept. 28 as Arri brought their 100th Anniversary celebration to Hollywood.

ASC Staff

On the night of Thursday, September 28, the ASC Clubhouse was the place to be as Arri brought their 100th Anniversary celebration to Hollywood (pervious stories here and here) — resulting in a night to remember.

ASC president Kees van Oostrum welcomed the assembled crowd, which included ASC members Bill Butler, James Chressanthis, Dean Cundey, Roger Deakins, Eagle Egilsson, Ellen Kuras, Robert McLachlan, Kramer Morgenthau, Rachel Morrison, Bob Primes, Cynthia Puscheck, Steve Shaw, Amy Vincent and Steve Yedlin.

Below are some photos from this memorable evening:

Inside the Clubhouse, Arri displayed a mini-museum of their cameras from over the last 10 decades.

One of the most unusual cameras on display was this circular, hand-cranked 1924 Kinarri unit (in foreground), Arri's first commercial design.

Arri Inc. President Glenn Kennel welcomes the crowd.

A special award was presented to Arri by ASC President Kees Van Oostrum to commemorate the company's 100 years of innovation and support of filmmakers. From left: Arri's Joerg Pohlman, Christoph Stahl, Van Oostrum and Franz Kraus of Arri. (Photo by Taylor Stoffers)

Arri's Executive board member responsible for operative business, Joerg Pohlman thanks the many creatives who have worked behind Arri's equipment.

Arri's Executive Board Member responsible for technology, Franz Kraus speaks about the hard work and dedication it takes to lead up to 100 years.

A toast to 100 years!

Ellen Kuras ASC and Kramer Morgenthau ASC.

Denny Clairmont of Clairmont Camera and Carly Barber of Illumination Dynamics.

James and Roger Deakins, Otto Nemenz, Arri's Tom Jacob and Sterlng Sherrill.

From right: Cynthia Puscheck, ASC; Rachel Morrison, ASC; Sarah Levy; Amy Vincent, ASC; Eagle Egilsson, ASC and Tiffany Staton.

Bob Primes. ASC; Dean Cundey, ASC; Jason Inouye of Arri and Alan Albert of Clairmont Camera.

Arri's Joerg Pohlman and Syna Greiser with cinematographer Christian Herrera.

Amy Vincent, ASC and Steve Shaw, ASC.

James Chressanthis, ASC, GSC with PRG's Zoe Iltsopoulos Borys, Arri executive board member Joerg Pohlman and Franz Wieser, Arri VP of international marketing.

Director-cinematographer Svetlana Cvetko with Arri's Franz Wieser.

Arri Business Unit Lighting general manager Markus Zeiler, cinematographer Bill Holshevnikoff, cinematographer Cory Geryak, lighting desiger Jeff Ravitz, Arri's Syna Greiser, John Gresch and Tom Jacob.

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