ASC Future Practices Committee Established to Address Covid-19 Issues 

Currently meeting to discuss Coronavirus impact, future working practice, and creative integrity as our industry manages the crisis.

In response to the growing Covid-19 situation, the “ASC Future Practices Committee” has been formed. The Committee is currently meeting three days a week to discuss the Coronavirus, future working practice, and creative integrity as our industry manages the crisis. 

Please find attached the committee mission statement below (PDF attached here). 

Co-chairs Amy Vincent ASC and Erik Messerschmidt ASC can be reached at [email protected] with questions or comments.

Amy Vincent ASC
Erik Messerschmidt ASC

ASC Future Practices Committee -
Mission Statement

The global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has presented the international filmmaking community with tremendous challenges. Filmmakers around the world are scrambling to understand the immediate impact of the virus. Many groups are discussing how and when we might get back to the set. 
As these proposals are presented to the global film community over the coming months, ASC Members, and Cinematographers as a whole, have the responsibility to continue to advocate for our Craft, Artistry, and Voice, all while keeping the health and safety of the cast and crew at the forefront. It is essential that we participate in this conversation. 

Members of the ASC are uniquely qualified to advise and propose creative and technological solutions, as we adopt, and adapt to new health and safety protocols. As the industry works to design and implement these new guidelines we must be cognizant of not just how they will impact our schedules, budgets, and crew members, but also, the images we work so hard to create. This must be done while remembering our number one priority; the health and safety of the cast and crew. 

Our colleagues at Local 600 continue to work to protect us all with regard to labor issues, so this committee’s intention is not to formulate alternative recommendations or working guidelines. Instead we intend to reflect on the IA and Studio guidelines and communicate directly with Local 600 and similar committees at the DGA, the PGA, and SAG, as well as our trusted Vendors and Crew Members. 

It is the mission of the ASC Future Practices Committee be a clear voice in all the conversations within our industry. As cinematographers, we make decisions that deeply affect the balances of the creative endeavor with logistics, use of resources, and the interaction of crew and production. This crucial role on the set mandates our participation in planning for the challenges ahead. 

As we look forward past this current crisis, we must remind ourselves to continue to strive to preserve, and advance the artistry of visual storytelling far into the future, through creativity, collaboration, and communication. 

Health and Safety for all. 

Loyalty Artistry and Progress forever. 

Amy Vincent ASC 
Co-chair, ASC Future Practices Committee 
Erik Messerschmidt ASC 
Co-chair, ASC Future Practices Committee 


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