The Girl and Death / Goert Giltay, NSC, and Jos Stelling

Episode #58

The Girl and Death / Goert Giltay, NSC, and Jos Stelling


Cinematographer Goert Giltay, NSC, and director Jos Stelling join AC’s Iain Marcks on a Skype call from the Netherlands to discuss their approach to the drama The Girl and Death. The longtime collaborators cover the choice of shooting digitally with an Arri Alexa, how they achieved the expressionistic visuals, and the flexible lighting approach that was necessitated by the actors’ availability.

  • Director Jos Stelling preps a scene with Dieter Hallervorden
  • Goert Giltay, NSC (left), and director Jos Stelling (center)
  • The hotel owner (Dieter Hallervorden, center) stakes his claim to Elise
  • Nicolai (Leonid Bichevin) and Elise (Sylvia Hoeks) enjoy a stolen moment
  • Director Jos Stelling (left) and cinematographer Goert Giltay, NSC, line up a shot
  • Elise (Sylvia Hoeks) is a beguiling courtesan
  • Nicolai (Sergey Makovetsky) returns to the site where he first met his great love

About the film

The Dutch drama The Girl and Death begins in Russia in the wake of World War II. After receiving a book of poetry from a surprise visitor, Nicolai (Sergey Makovetsky) is inspired to return to the hotel in Germany where he first encountered the love of his life 50 years earlier. He relives the tragic affair, which involves a beguiling courtesan, Elise (Sylvia Hoeks), and her jealous lover, the Count (Dieter Hallervorden), who also owns the hotel.

The Girl and Death was directed by Jos Stelling and shot by Goert Giltay, NSC, who won the Netherlands Film Festival’s Golden Calf for Best Cinematography for his work on the picture. Giltay’s filmography includes The Flying Dutchman, for which he won the Camerimage Silver Frog, and The Past Is Dead.

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