ASC Display Evaluation Plan & Test Protocol

This document was produced by the Next Generation Cinema Display (NGCD) subcommittee of the ASC Technology Committee. The ASC Technology Committee is chaired by Curtis Clark, ASC. The NGCD subcommittee is co-chaired by Michael Karagosian, Eric Rodli, and Steve Schklair.

1. Objective

As higher performance cinema projectors and active screens emerge, it is important to identify where value is created from the filmmakers's point-of-view, independent of the technology. The Cinema Display Evaluation Plan and Test Protocol represents the first step towards this goal, defining a method for the visual evaluation of parameters that characterize next generation cinema projection and active screens.

The parameters chosen for this test are ones which have a major impact on image quality, centering on deeper blacks, practical primaries for wider color gamut, effective contrast ratios, and optimal peak white levels for high dynamic range cinema. 

Phase One of this work will focus on understanding how different parameter values impact the perception of image quality, establishing a baseline for further testing. The output of this work will be a report, described further in Section 4.7

Phase Two of this work will target an optimized version of the test protocol utilizing licensable content for use by technology providers and other stakeholders worldwide. The Phase Two work may include the influence of frame rate with brighter images, but this will not be included in Phase One. This document is only concerned with Phase One.