Clubhouse Conversations — 1883

In our new 43-minute episode, cinematographer Christina Alexandra Voros discusses her Emmy-nominated work in this Paramount Plus period Western series, in conversation with Charlie Lieberman, ASC.


Voros earned her Emmy nomination in the category Outstanding Cinematography for A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie for her 1883 episode “Lightning Yellow Hair,” which she photographed with Alexa Mini cameras paired with Leitz Cine Summicron primes and Fuji Premista zooms.


The daughter of Hungarian refugees, Voros grew up in Cambridge, MA, and later studied at Harvard University. But her path to becoming a director of photography began in the graduate film program at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where one of her instructors was Sandi Sissel, ASC. She received her MFA in directing and cinematography, and after gaining experience shooting numerous shorts, documentaries, and indie features, was brought aboard the first season of the series Yellowstone as a camera operator by director of photography Ben Richardson, ASC. Voros would subsequently shoot and direct episodes of the popular series, then moving over to executive producer Taylor Sheridan’s prequel show 1833, on which she has also served as cinematographer and director.

Her feature credits include The Broken Tower, The Letter, As I Lay Dying, Sal, Child of God, Anesthesia and Ma.

After earning a B.A. in anthropology from Northern Illinois University, interviewer Charlie Lieberman settled in Chicago to pursue a career in still photography. One of his first assignments was to photograph indigenous cultures in small villages across 14 countries for a series of anthropology books. Returning to Chicago, he displayed his work in a gallery and was subsequently hired as a still photographer on a documentary about Olympic athletes. This first taste of motion-picture production prompted Lieberman to change tacks, and he began working as a cinematographer in documentary, industrial and educational films. After shooting his first feature, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1985), Lieberman remained in Chicago, primarily shooting commercials. In 1989, he relocated to Los Angeles and subsequently shot such features as South Central (1992) and Love is a Gun (1994) and network TV series including My So-Called Life, Party of Five, Joan of Arcadia, Once and Again and Heroes. Lieberman has been a member of the ASC since 2008 and is the chair of the ASC Photo Gallery committee.

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