Clubhouse Conversations — Apple TV+ Roundtable

In this episode, cinematographers Natalie Kingston, Nicole Whitaker, ASC, and Ramsey Nickell are joined by interviewer and ASC associate member Jay Holben to discuss their latest respective works for Apple TV+ — Blackbird, Bad Sisters and Five Days at Memorial.


Black Bird, shot by Kingston, tells the true story of prisoner Jimmy Keene's (Taron Egerton) attempt to coax a confession out of murder suspect Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser) in order to regain his own freedom.


Bad Sisters, shot by Whitaker, is a comedic thriller centered on a group of sisters who come together after the unexpected death of their parents.


Five Days at Memorial, shot by Nickell, is a medical-disaster drama that follows New Orleans-hospital caregivers who struggle to help their patients under the brutal conditions wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

During this roundtable conversation, Kingston, Whitaker and Nickell discuss a wide range of topics, including how to control light in daylight exteriors; how best to approach emotionally weighty material; shooting large format in order to get closer to your show's characters; when and how to use “heavy-lifter” drones; and how certain modern technological advances may be causing productions to move too fast.

Natalie Kingston is a cinematographer whose feature credits include The Last Bayou (2019), The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) and Shapeless (2021).

Nicole Whitaker, ASC is a cinematographer whose credits include the TV series Patriot (2017) and Truth Be Told (2019), as well as the documentary Girl Rising (2013), for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Ramsey Nickell is a German cinematographer whose credits include the TV series Fear the Walking Dead, Nancy Drew and American Crime.

Jay Holben is a filmmaker, ASC associate member and the technical editor of American Cinematographer. He is the co-author of The Cine Lens Manual, a comprehensive examination of the art and science of cinema optics.

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