Clubhouse Conversations — Apple TV+ Docu-Series Roundtable

In this 51-minute episode, AC contributor and filmmaker Jim Hemphill moderates a group discussion focused on non-fiction production, featuring three cinematographers whose recent work offers unique perspectives on contemporary storytelling and production techniques. 

Cinematographer John Shier’s project Earth at Night in Color presents nature’s nocturnal realm, inhabited not only by many familiar creatures, but ones specifically adapted to thrive in darkness — with unique photographic challenges meeting the latest low-light motion-imaging technology.


In addition to Red Gemini and Sony a7S II cameras, he employed Canon's ME20, which offers low-light sensitivity in excess of 4,000,000 ISO. He paired them with Canon EF 400mm and CN20 optics and Sigma Art Primes. 


In Boys State, cinematographer Thorsten Thielow was charged with documenting a multi-character political story as 1,100 young men in Texas are charged with forming their own representative government, capturing not only the overarching group activity, but the intimate personal stories of key participants.


To cover the action, Thielow employed up to seven Canon EOS C300 Mark II cameras, shooting in 2.35:1 widescreen with Zeiss optics.


Photographing Tiny World, cinematographer Santiago Cabral sought out the best ways to present some of nature’s smallest and most delicate creatures, creatively replicating their distinctive perspectives on the world, often from extreme low angles that seem photographically impossible.


He relied on Red Gemini and high-speed Vision Research Phantom cameras mated with Arri primes, Canon Cn20 and Cn7 lenses, as well as a Venus Optics Laowa Probe lens.


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