Clubhouse Conversations — Fargo (Season 4)

Executive producer-director Noah Hawley and cinematographer Dana Gonzales, ASC are joined by interviewer C. Kim Miles, ASC, CSC, MySC to discuss their FX Networks anthology crime series, which in Season 4 offered a unique narrative set in the 1950s.


Gonzales, also a frequent director on Fargo, employs Alexa LF Mini cameras (shooting in 2:1 ArriRaw) paired with Zeiss Radiance lenses.

In 2014, Dana Gonzales began shooting Fargo in its first season. He has earned three Emmy nominations for his camerawork in the series, winning in 2016 for the episode “Waiting for Dutch.”

Gonzales was born in Los Angeles and worked his way up through the ranks as a camera assistant and operator, later earning credits as 2nd-unit cinematographer on features including Crash (2004), The Tempest and The Fighter. His early credits as director of photography include the feature Man in the Chair. He soon began collaborating with director Ric Roman Waugh, beginning with the features Felon, Snitch and Shot Caller.

His other feature credits include Empire State, Criminal, Incarnate& and Greenland. Gonzales’ television credits also include the series Pretty Little Liars, SouthlandLongmire, Hanna and Legion. For the latter, he earned two ASC Award nominations, for "Chapter 1” and "Chapter 20,” as well as an Emmy nomination for "Chapter 9.”

He was invited to join the ASC in 2016.


The creator and executive producer of Fargo, New York City native Noah Hawley has also directed multiple episodes of the series and earned eight Emmy nominations, among other honors, winning in 2014 for Outstanding Miniseries.

Hawley began his professional career as a novelist, later transitioning into television to write on such series as Bones, later creating and exec producing The Unusuals and My Generation. He is also the creator and exec producer of the Marvel superhero series Legion.

In 2019, he made his feature film directorial debut with Lucy in the Sky.


Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, C. Kim Miles studied still photography at the University of Victoria in Canada and worked his way through the grip and camera departments. After shooting dozens of commercials in Southeast Asia, he photographed episodes of the superhero series Arrow and The Flash, which led to the Robert Zemeckis feature Welcome to Marwen

His television work also includes Vancouver-based photography for Prison Break, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Lost in Space. For his work in the History drama Project Blue Book, Miles won an ASC Award in 2020 and is nominated again this year for the series. 

He became a member of the ASC in 2020.

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