Clubhouse Conversations: Lovecraft Country and Made for Love - HBO Roundtable

Interviewer Michael Pessah, ASC talks to cinematographers Nathaniel Goodman, ASC and Tat Radcliffe, BSC about shooting their respective Emmy-nominated series.

Radcliffe (below, on left, with actor Jonathan Majors) is nominated in the Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (Hour) category for his episode “Sundown” of the HBO horror drama Lovecraft Country. He employed Arri Alexa LF cameras and Panavision H Series lenses while shooting 16:9 in open-gate mode. The vintage optics lent a pleasing softness to the image, leading him to avoid additional filtration. 





Creatively, one inspiration was the still photography of Gordon Parks.

Radcliffe’s other credits include the features 71, White Boy Rick and Queen & Slim.

Goodman (below, wearing hat) is nominated in the Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (Half-Hour) category for his episode “User One” of the HBO Max sci-fi series Made for Love


He employed an Arri Alexa Mini 3.2K as his primary camera, as well as a Sony Alpha a7III (recording S-Log 2 to an Atomos Shogun) for additional coverage. Working in 2.39:1 widescreen, he paired the Mini with an array of lenses, primarily Arri Master Anamorphic primes, using Arri Master Flare Set rear elements on the 75, 100 and 135mm to enhance the images. The Sony Alpha a7III was paired with Nikkor primes. For certain shots, he also used Sigma Cine FF High Speed T1.5 primes and Angénieux zooms, as well as a variety of Tiffen Black Diffusion FX and Harrison & Harrison fog filters. 



One inspiration for the look of the show was the still photography of Gregory Crewdson.

Goodman’s other TV credits include the shows Swamp Thing, Timeless (for which he earned an ASC Award nomination), Falling Skies and Heroes.

This is the first Emmy nomination for each cinematographer.

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