Clubhouse Conversations — The Curse

In this episode, cinematographer Maceo Bishop is joined by interviewer Patrick Cady, ASC to discuss his work on The Curse — the satirical black-comedy thriller from creators Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie.

In The Curse, newlyweds Whitney and Asher Siegel (Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder) attempt to conceive a child while contending with a supposed "curse" that will bring about strife in their marriage. Bishop was instrumental in creating the look of the series — shooting all 10 episodes of its inaugural season.

In this interview, Bishop discusses his use of long lenses on the production; the voyeuristic visual language of the show; his transition from a camera operator to a director of photography; and his approach to lighting key scenes, including one in which a man floats to outer space.

Maceo Bishop is a cinematographer and camera operator. His cinematography credits include Somewhere in Queens, The Watcher, and TV series The Curse.

Patrick Cady, ASC studied filmmaking at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and has since carved out an extensive cinematography career in both film and TV. He broke out in 2000 after shooting his first feature, director Karen Kusama’s award-winning drama Girlfight, and went on to shoot many series including Cold Case, Rectify and Insecure, for which he earned a 2018 Emmy Award nomination.

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