John C. Flinn, III: Starting His Career

Flinn reminisces about his first day on job and his early career in television. (13:05)

  1. Introduction from Russ Alsobrook, ASC
  2. Flinn on Technological Change
  3. Flinn on Saving Grace
  4. Flinn on Memorable Mistakes
  5. Negrin on his Early Career
  6. Negrin on Change in Shooting TV
  7. Negrin on Guiding the Episodic Series
  8. Negrin on Kojak
  9. Passion for the Craft
  10. Short Cuts on Production
  11. Q&A

On Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the Annual ASC Open House a conversation with ASC Award recipients John C. Flinn, III (Career Achievement in Television) and Sol Negrin (Presidents) was moderated by Russ Alsobrook, ASC.

Special thank you to the following companies: 16x9 • Coffey Sound • Mole-Richardson

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 Chris Babers • Justin Dickson • Shaun Dixon • Kristina Schulte-Eversum • Chun-Ming Huang • Jared Jordan • Julianna Kovacs • Fernando Montes • Corwin Nunes • Evan Okada • Logan Schnieder • John Simmon, ASC • Nadege Traore • Matt Truve • Sandra Valde • Alicia Varela • Amy Vincent, ASC