Owen Roizman, ASC on Network

To help celebrate the honorary Academy Award presented to ASC great Owen Roizman in November for his outstanding artistry and contributions to motion pictures, we’re offering here a short interview with the cinematographer discussing the making of one of his Oscar-nominated projects: Network (1976).


Here's Roizman accepting the Oscar statette, his wife Mona at his side and good friend and supporter Daryn Okada, ASC in the background. (Photo © A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved.)

"It was the best script I ever read," Roizman said about screenwriter Paddy Cheyefsky's darkly satiric tale of a television corporation desperate for ratings, directed by Sidney Lumet. In this clip, he discusses the lighting techniques used while shooting on location in a high-rise office building.


Faye Dunaway as driven TV exec Diana Christensen.