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Arri Shipping Sony Venice, Venice 2 Accessories

A new base plate, top plate and two side brackets are available individually and in sets.

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A new base plate, top plate and two side brackets are available individually and in sets.

Arri is now shipping four new accessories for the Sony Venice and Venice 2 cameras that facilitate a greater variety of rigging and mounting options.

The new Arri Pro Camera Accessories are a base plate, top plate and two side brackets. Available individually and in sets (Basic or Pro Cine Set and Basic or Pro Broadcast Set), they can be combined with each other and with existing Arri PCA to equip Venice cameras for any shooting need. 

Like all Arri PCA sets for third-party equipment, these new Venice sets offer users the ability to integrate their cameras into established on-set workflows based on Arri standards for bridge plates, dovetail plates, viewfinder extension brackets, matte boxes and many other filmmaking tools. 

Arri accessories for the Sony Venice and Venice 2 improve the ergonomics of the standard base cameras. The shoulder adapter provides more than 4" of travel for balancing handheld setups, and the top handle can be quickly slid back and forth to accommodate the balance point of devices such as the Easyrig. The base plate features a miniature dovetail receiver that allows users to rapidly change between the Broadcast Shoulder Adapter (BSA-1), the Bridge Plate Adapter (BPA-5) and the Stabilizer Adapter Mount (SAM-4) for Arri CSS devices.

Multiple Arri 3/8"-16, 1/4"-20, and 1"-spaced M4 mounting points enable assistants to attach accessories in a variety of positions all over the camera. Side brackets now provide further mounting options, as well as protection for the camera, while being spaced far enough away from the camera body to prevent damage from accessory arms and other screws. 

Arri Multi-Hex screw technology is incorporated into all components; this means users can fasten and unfasten screws with more than one tool, increasing flexibility and efficiency on set. Up to four different tools can be used for the Arri Multi-Hex fittings: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 5/32" Allen/hex keys. 

The new Arri PCA sets for Venice and Venice 2 work immediately with the full range of Arri PCA components, eliminating fuss and adjustments to established on-set practices. 

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