February 2023

Brompton Tech Announces Tessera G1

Brompton Technology has announced the Tessera G1, a receiver card designed to be embedded into LED panels for virtual-production volumes. The G1 delivers a wide connection bandwidth, with support for up to 1 million pixels, a 1,000-fps refresh rate, full-spectrum RGBW LED emitters, and a 20x increase in power. The card is designed to drive the next generation of LED screens, which will deliver finer pixel pitches and tap the full capabilities of RGBW panels with extra color emitters while facilitating the integration of ultra-high frame rates. Follow Brompton Technology on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep up with American Cinematographer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram....more

6 Brompton G1d

ASC Staff

2 HTC Vive XR Elite
January 2023

HTC Vive Announces XR Elite

The wireless VR headset features a resolution of 1,920x1,920 pixels per eye, 6 DoF inside-out tracking, a 90 Hz refresh rate, a field of view of up to 110 degrees and embedded speakers with dual microphones for echo cancellation....more

1 Litegear Auroris 321855615 6108749099143802 7925490782871998656 n
January 2023

LiteGear Releases Auroris

Auroris is built with either 12 or 24 large-format pixels, creating a pixel-mappable source that can cover up to 100 square feet with a single fixture. ...more

NP Heden
January 2023

Hedén Unveils LM40

The motor weighs less than 4 ounces and is designed for use with gimbals, Steadicam and drones....more

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