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Astera Releases White Remote

The pocket-size solution enables point-and-click control of the entire Astera lighting ecosystem.

ASC Staff

Astera has released the White Remote, a pocket-size tool that allows for point-and-click control of the entire Astera lighting ecosystem.

The solution is designed as a counterpart to the IR FX Remote, which allows for color, strobing and effect control. With both the FX and White remotes in hand, users can execute precise lighting changes in seconds.

The White Remote can turn single or grouped sets of lights off and on instantly and from a distance, and can also be used to quickly add lights to a control group (configured through the Astera app), which then allows for lighting changes to be disseminated over the full group simultaneously. The remote has a number of preconfigured buttons for light temperature, running through 12 preset values from 2,400-10,000K, along with CCT +/- buttons to enable more incremental control. Five preset dimming parameters provide quick brightness adjustments, along with +/- dimming buttons for fine-tuning.

Max Runtime can be enabled or disabled directly from the White Remote. BlueMode, Astera’s workflow for pairing lights with the Astera app, is simplified with use of the remote, and a large number of lights can be paired in a matter of seconds. A two-press process ensures that the mode is not activated by accident, and the mode can also be disabled (on the light directly or through the app) to ensure that access to BlueMode is reserved for those with the required permissions.

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