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Förderer Announces Cineflares

The interactive lens-flare library is currently in its beta phase.

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ASC cinematographer Markus Förderer has announced Cineflares, an interactive lens-flare library for cinematographers, directors, visual-effects artists, game designers and other creatives.

Currently in its beta phase, Cineflares allows users to explore and compare a vast selection of cine lenses for their unique visual characteristics and response to light. Each lens has been professionally captured under controlled conditions utilizing state-of-the-art motion control and high-resolution, large-format cameras. By capturing a bright point light source against a deep black background, each optic exhibits its distinctive flare pattern, contrast-holding ability and individual color response.

Users of Cineflares in its beta phase include Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC, who observes, “Markus Förderer’s lens-flare library is an indispensable resource for all cinematographers wanting to assess the unique characteristics of multiple lenses in a consistent and controlled environment. It’s a revelation not only about the peculiarities of each lens responding to flare, but also the distinct characteristics of the glass in terms of color and focus. This system will be as much a part of my kit as my light meter!”

Förderer created Cineflares to serve his own needs on numerous feature films. “If you’re in search of a clean, neutral lens for VFX plates or one with a specific flare pattern reminiscent of a certain period, using Cineflares will instantly reveal these lens characteristics and help you make informed decisions,” he says. “It’s [also] the gateway to discover and learn about the rich history of cine lenses.”

The library of cine lenses ranges from wide open to stopped down, and from vintage to modern optics, and it continues to grow. Cineflares’ full launch is set for 2024. To sign up for the beta version, visit the website or follow Cineflares on Instagram.

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